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  • July 28th, 2016

During a year in the Oral History M.A. program at Columbia University, students hone skills in digital audio and video production, editing, archiving, project design, interviewing, and historical/social science analysis. Working with an OHMA faculty member and an outside advisor, each student is guided through the process of creating an oral history thesis or capstone project. Many of our students work at the intersections of the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Past projects have taken the form of academic and creative essays, film and audio documentaries, performances, exhibits, and multimedia websites.

On ORAL HISTORY WORKS, you will find a selection of student projects, both present and past. The collection will be curated on a different theme each year to showcase the broad range of work produced within our program. This website was developed in partnership with Columbia University’s Center for Teaching and Learning, with support from the Digital Humanities Center. Special thanks to CTL staff Andre Laboy and Ellen Maleszewski, OHMA student and digital humanities fellow Mario Alvarez, and OHMA project coordinator and event photographer Erica Fugger for their collaborative contributions.

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