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Nueva York es La Frontera

Pablo Baeza, 2015
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Nueva York es La Frontera is a multimedia documentary website showcasing the life stories of New York-based Latina immigrant activists, women who migrated from all over the hemisphere to New York, where they now work in solidarity with other immigrant communities. Their stories, of growing up bi-nationally and bi-culturally, struggling as immigrant women, and coming to find their strengths in community-based work, are meant to create dialogue about the diversity of the Latinx migrant experience in New York, and the many issues, struggles, and communities that exist in New York, as much a border town and immigrant gateway as anywhere in Texas or California.

Pablo BaezaPablo Baeza, raised between Santiago, Chile, and suburban Maryland, joins OHMA after five years in sunny California, where he majored in Urban Studies at Pitzer College and later worked as a creative writing and literacy educator at 826 Valencia in San Francisco. He has also gotten to know a variety of communities as a community organizer and ethnographer, having participated in an environmental justice bike tour of southern Louisiana and eastern Texas in 2012, and having done ethnographic research on the praxis and politics of arts districts in San Diego and Tijuana. In 2014, Pablo attended the UN Climate Summit in Lima, Peru, where he helped the Sierra Student Coalition begin Climate Stories, a project focusing on individual narratives of environmental justice. He is interested in migration, assimilation, and intergenerational memory, deindustrialization and community resiliency, and restorative justice.

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